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Ryan Kindseth

Artist | Traditional & Digital | Santa Monica, CA

My name is Ryan Kindseth, and I am an artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in a family of creative individuals. My dad is a dentist, and my mom is a dental hygienist, but growing up, they ran a sticker company called Inspire Me. This exposed me and my two siblings to drawing very early on, leading us all down creative paths.


However, most of my life was focused on sports. If you had asked me when I was 12 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you a professional soccer player. After 24 years of soccer through AYSO, club, high school, and college club, I realized that dream wasn't coming to fruition. But that was okay for me. I always enjoyed fitness and being active as a main priority in life, and in college, I really started bringing my creative side back to the forefront of my life.


It began with portraits of my dorm mates on the side of water jugs with a sharpie, then led to a notebook with graphite pencils and some sketchy portraits of them. Before I knew it, I graduated from ASU with my business degree and headed to an Apple store to look at drawing tablets. This was when I purchased an iPad Pro in 2016.

After this purchase, I picked up acrylics since we had some lying around the house and painted some of my favorite films and entertainment movies.


But I always knew I needed to learn oils. There was something about learning the traditional medium from centuries ago and perfecting this that really resonated with me. I started it off with an Advanced Oil Painting course in 2017 where I began with a Zorn Palette. From there, I was hooked.


To this day, you can find me creating portraits, still lifes, and adding an impressionistic approach to everything in our life. Richard Schmidt is one of my biggest inspirations, and I look forward to developing my style for the years to come.

- Ryan Kindseth

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