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Canelo Álvarez

This man from Mexico is a title holder of multiple championships throughout multiple weight classes. This man is a menace in the ring who has reflexes unlike any other fighter I have seen. The way he slips and rolls is on another level. It looks as thought the fighters


Oil on 11"x14" canvas.

Thierry Henry.jpg

Thierry Henry

A true legend for Arsenal FC. Although I am extremely biased, as they are my favorite soccer team, no one can deny the finesse Henry brought to the game of futbol. He brought this same liveliness to France, and now, has plenty of knowledge to bring to the soccer realm with his analyzing of the game.


Oil on 16"x 20" canvas.



This project was to showcase one of my newer passions. Prior to COVID, I was consistently putting in the time and energy to box. Nothing has ever thrilled me or kicked my ass more than taking boxing up as a hobby.


Oil on 11"x14" canvas.



I picked up digital drawing on the iPad Pro back in 2016. As I progressed with a new medium, so did my ability to enhance vibrancy with colors. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this strong gentleman to life with saturation and a feeling of motion.

Digital Art 2500 x 3000 px


Lionel Messi

This project was to showcase one of the GOATs, if not the GOAT of futbol. A Barcelona legend from Argentina. This man needs no introduction and has the sleekest dribbling I have ever witnessed on a player. He does not need flash as his raw talent is enough to dribble, pass, and shoot whenever he pleases.


Oil on 11"x14" canvas.


Christian Pulisic

Our biggest hope for the US to make the world cup in the next decade. A young talent, making a name for himself and America as a whole. How often do we get to see an American soccer player take on top level in the English Premier League. Although I am not a Chelsea FC fan, I can fully respect and support this young man's career. 

Oil on 11"x14" canvas



What an inspiration I see from people around the world, staying dedicated to fitness and keeping ourselves healthy. The amount of inspiration and innovation I saw from gyms closing and people working out from home was just beautiful. 

Oil on 11"x14" canvas


Urban Fitness

From seeing this lovely reference of an athletic girl in front of a graffiti filled wall, I knew I could pull out the deep purples to bring an extremely vibrant piece, all while keeping the brushstrokes loose.

Digital Art 2500 x 3000 px

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